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Translation Agency in Rostov-on-Don

Переводы с нотариальным заверением

Services we offer

Перевод документов


Our translators will take your text and convey its message into another language, ensuring it is perfectly adapted to your audience.

Нотариальное заверение документов


We offer Notary certification for translated documents. It is obligatory for translated documents to have Notary certification to prove the qualification of the translater.

Устный перевод


Whether it is a conference, business meeting or a court case, our interpreters will make sure communication with the other party is smooth.

Do you need high quality, professional translation services?

PoZitiv translation agency is a Russian agency, based in Rostov-on-Don, offering customer-focused translation services between all major languages. Much of our translation work is multilingual, and the business translates into over 30 languages. Whether you need Russian translation, Arabic translation, or any other language combination in between, we can help.

The company uses an Inside Quality Management System to ensure accuracy of translation.

Translation is a highly specialised industry, and the company is rigorous in selecting the best translators, they are normally native of the required target language, post graduate level qualified in translation, and specialist in the relevant technical area of an individual translation project.

Translation services specialisms include:

Website translation and localisation including e-commerce translation, translation for m-commerce and apps as well as on-line press releases, and social media translation for all the major platforms.

Label and packaging translation, has been a major area of translation work since the early 2000s, and PoZitiv translates for many leading brands.

We have been translating for many Russian and international companies — SKS (food production), Zeleniy Bereg (development company), VSPT (Chilean Wine group), Mirage (Italian tiles company), Kyodo News (Japanes news agency), CIFA (Italian construction machinery) and many others.

Other services available:

  1. We can meet foreign guests at Rostov-on-Don airport and take them to the hotel, accompany them at their business and leisure activitis in our city.
  2. We can also organize transportation to the nearest cities in Rostov region and other close regions Krasnodar, Stavropol, Volgograd and others. This service is suitable for businessmen who want to travel around Southern Region but they need to hire a driver and an interpreter. We offer you an interpreter, who will be your driver at the same time.

Our interpreter/driver has just returned from a trip Rostov-on-Don — Krasnodar — Elista — Volgograd — Rostov-on-Don. We were accompanying a german marketing specialist from ADM company. During that 5 day trip we visited a lot of farmers and their farms to see their fields and the level of future harvest.

Trip around Southern Russia as an interpreter

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    Our work with customers

    Our clients' feedback

    Our customers are

    • JSC “Tenth Bearing Plant” (JSC «10th GPZ»)  (c. Rostov-on-Don)
    • VSPT winegroup (Chilian Wines)
    • JSC «Green Coast» (Austrian Development company in Krasnodar)
    • KYODO NEWS (Japan)
    • JSC «ITIRUS» (Construction Equipment importer)
    • Mirage Ceramics (Italy)
    • Rostov Institute of Agricultural Specialists  (Novocherkassk)
    • Asfert Global (Portugal, Agricultural bio products)
    • Novocherkassk Power Station (Rostov region, Power generating company)
    • JSC «Ros Aqua» (c. St.-Petersburg)
    • CKIC Instruments (Mechanical Sampler Sample Preparation and Coal Analysis Equipment)
    • Imagine (UAE, Dubai) (Компания Imagine Dubai)
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